Capital Truck Body & Equipment was founded in 1999 by Owner John Masih.  Starting off as primarily a repair shop for gravel trucks and gravel trailers, Capital Truck (the name that it is widely known across the province as) has enjoyed unmounted success and growth for the last 11+ years.  After having outgrown numerous locations, Capital Truck has recently moved into a very nicely sized 10,000+ sq ft building, in order to better meet the needs of our growing customer base.  In recent years, Capital Truck Body and Equipment has grown into one of the leading Gravel Truck and Gravel Trailer Manufacturers in Alberta After having survived the recent economical Issues across North America largely because of our LOYAL customers, our unwillingness to compromise our HIGH-QUALITY levels, and our ABILITY to adapt to our customer's needs.  Capital Truck is once again ready to thrive!

          Aside from becoming one of the leaders in the manufacturing of gravel trucks and gravel trailers, Capital Truck has expanded it's Business in order to provide customers with all sorts of customized options.  Capital Truck provides the manufacturing and repairing of welding decks, flat decks, tool boxes, headache racks, service bodies, and we also now perform certified inspections of your trucks and trailers.

          Capital Truck takes great pride in meeting your ideas with our experience.